Monday, November 9, 2015

Write, Blog, Write

I know I really should be doing more with my blog, but it is still something I have to force myself to do.  On the one hand, I would rather be working on my fiction writing instead of relating what's going on in my head.  Honestly, it's not that interesting, even to me.  On the other hand, keeping up on a blog about writing will help me do two things: keep track of my successes and failures while writing and help reach out to fellow writers for comments, commiseration, and contacts.  Every whisper into an ear helps, right?  So here I am with more news about my work in progress.

So far I'm keeping up with my NaNoWriMo goals and it is helping me to push through this latest draft of my YA novel.  I still love this idea.  My problem is getting to the exciting parts without leaving out vital information that would keep the reader up to pace with what is going on both in my character's life and in her head.  My first attempt at this I don't think I did a good job of explaining how the different crystals worked and what it felt like for the characters to use them.  In this story I have people who derive psychic-like powers from tapping into crystals.  Different crystals bring out different abilities but what people can do depends on how their brains send out certain gamma rays.  Some can do telekinesis, some can do clairvoyance.  I'm fixing that this time.  Also, in my previous draft I severly limited what everyone was allowed to do with their powers.  I think that made it too boring.  Who would want to live in that world?  So this time I'm letting them be free to use their power, but they know they are all being monitored and their actions will have consequences even as far as prison.  I also had the main character going to a school with a mix of normal kids and Crystallers.  I got rid of that, too much extra trouble for nothing.  If I want to have her have a normal friend, I think I'll bring in one of her friends from before she was forced to move.

So, this is where I'm at.  If you're having similar issues with your story, let me know.  Communities can often help with problems that individuals can not deal with.  If you're doing NaNoWriMo I hope you're well on your way and good luck.  Write on!

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