Monday, January 4, 2016

Blogging for the New Year

I'll say this up front to get it out of the way: I'm sorry.  For what?  For being a shitty blogger.  I guess it's working out the same as my attempts at keeping a journal, since journalling and blogging seem to be about the same thing.  I guess I'm just not much of a sharing type of person, especially when it comes to my thoughts and opinions.  I like to keep them to myself, much in the way I wish others would do the same.  Unless it's part of a stand-up routine, one of the most annoying sentences for me to hear is, "You know what I think?".  It just grinds on my nerves.

That's why I try to keep this blog focused on writing.  Unfortunately, I feel uneasy about giving advice since I have only had a book self-published so far.  I've put out a lot of short stories on here and other sites as part of challenges so I don't mind saying something about writing to anyone who needs help or motivation.  If you're following, I'll do my best to keep up on this blog.  It should get easier to have things to add since I'm nearly finished with the first draft of my YA novel, Facets, and I will have thoughts and revelations on the self-editing process.  So, please, bear with me.  Thank you.