Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Story Temptress Arrives

Oh, there she is, traipsing past me like she knows I have no control.  So tempting...

But, no!  I look back at my story sitting faithfully in front of me and I come back to my senses.  I've been a story tramp before, juggling more than one, sometimes even with a hot little screenplay on the side. I realize now, however, if I want to get my career in writing off the ground, I need to focus on what I'm doing.  I need to finish what I start and get that publication ball rolling.

Don't get me wrong.  I got her new number before I let her go.  I opened a file and wrote down that fresh idea for later consideration.  Most likely I'll look at it later and wonder what the Hell I ever saw in it.  But you never know.  That is one of the great things about when you get in a creative vibe.  Not only do you get ideas for what you are doing, but you may also get off the wall ideas for other projects.  The best thing to do is catalog them and continue on.  I've been led down the wrong alley before only to find a dead end.  Then when I've tried to get back into the groove with the one I just jilted, the magic is gone and I'm back on the street.

Not this time.  My plot has almost come to fruition and after some tweaking I'll be ready to start writing.  Too late for cold feet now.  This is when the real fun begins.

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