Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pee Now, Because I'm Not Stopping

The route is set and and bags are packed.  All that's left is to double check the turn-offs and make sure I'm not going down any blind alleys.

I know it is an area of contention for writers.  To plot a story or wing it.  I can understand the appeal for winging it, but I just write to damn slow.  If I have to stop to consider every next move, I'll get lost or bored.  It's taken me longer than I wanted to finish my plot.  A nagging toothache has not helped the past few days, but if I want this to be my career, I need to put those annoyances aside or deal with them quickly.  Time is money and deadlines will not wait for a better day.  The tooth is still bugging me but hopefully that will all be dealt with soon and be one less excuse.  For now I have my plot to go over and smooth out the details that no longer make sense now that I know where I need to go.  I already see that to make some of the final scenes more coherent, I need to set them up better and divulge more information earlier.  I think I can do that in the scenes I have but I may have to add a scene.  That's what I love about using scene cards.  I have them color-coded for who is also in the scene (my main character is in all of them) so I can see who is being used too much or not enough.  I can also move things around a lot easier.

One thing that is still stressing me is usually one of the first things I come up with and that's a title.  I have a few prospects for a title but nothing has really clicked.  I like having a title.  It helps me focus on the feel I want for the story.  The Banshee's Heart would be a much different story than Brenda the Bawdy Banshee.  Hopefully it will come to me before NaNoWriMo starts.  I would hate to start and not know what to call it.

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