Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Standing on the Edge

Here I am.  I'm out of excuses to not start writing my next book.  I've settled of the title, Crystal Heart.  It goes well with the titles of the next two books, Crystal Mind and Crystal Soul.  The first book deals with how Talia learns of her powers and how she is different from others like her.  She has to learn that in order to fully use her unique power and save countless loives, she has to learn to literally let others in and not worry she will be hurt or let them down.  The next book will have her learning more control and from where her true power comes from.  The last has her becoming something else and sacrificing in order to save the world.  See, they work, although I was hesitant to make the books sound too much alike.  But if the first takes off, then it will make the others easier to locate for fans.

I did have to go back and change some of the story once I was done plotting.  I realized I wanted the story to have a stronger romantic substory but I did not get Talia and Hayes together until past the middle of the story.  That's taking too long.  So I made Hayes' current girlfriend his recent ex who still thinks they are together and Hayes just wants a bit of breathing room.  Now I can have Hayes hook up with Talia earlier and I can still have the girlfriend as an enemy since she sees Talia as a new tramp stealing her man.

So, it looks like tomorrow I can start chapter one, page one, word one.  I should be at full power by the time NaNoWriMo arrives.  Stay tuned.

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