Monday, August 17, 2015

Spider Fighter

(My response to the latest writing challenge at the Glipho Ex-pats group on Facebook)

"Big spiders down here," Macabwah said.

Percy dropped his pack at the cave entrance.  "That's what you said last time.  All I got for my trouble was a cold and my back covered in bat shit."

"No doubt this time.  Many villagers see them.  You see, Mr. Percy." 
Percy could not help but grin.  The african guide's english was improving but he apparently could not get past using only his first name. 
He could hear the spiders moving around.  This is my final test, he thought.  My work will be acknowledged and my family's sacrifice rewarded.  Flashes of his wife and daughter dying caught him off guard.  He shook the images off.  Now was not the time.

Percy saw the head of an enormous spider emerge from the shadows.  He unstoppered a vial of green liquid and swallowed it.  He felt his body changing instantly.

"All right, spider.  Bring it on!"  

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