Monday, August 24, 2015

Parental Guidance Suggested

(My latest response to the Glipho Ex-pats writing challenge on Facebook. 150 words starting with "What just blew up?")

"What just blew up?" Denny asked, pausing the video game.

"Probably your blow-up doll," his friend, Kurt suggested, "Now put the game back on."

"Ha, that's hilarious.  At least mine's a woman.  You got yours from that guy with the leather chaps who's always sitting in his van with the curtains drawn."

"It's all right, you can call him daddy.  All the other guys do."

"I'm serious, I heard something explode.  At first I thought maybe someone let out a righteously wicked fart but I remembered your mom's not home."

"Shut up, ass-wipe.  My mom said she was going out to look for your mom.  I told her try the corners by the bar district.  The guys there aren't too choosy."

"Apparently not.  Didn't your mom live there when you were born, on Skank Street?  I gotta see what that noise was."

"What?  You're just leaving?  How rude."

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